D3.1 Country Report | April 2021


Authors: Hasret Dikici Bilgin, Nazlı Özekici – Istanbul Bilgi University

This report aims to depict and analyze the context of radicalisation in Turkey in the period from 2001 to 2021 as part of the Work Package “Mapping Stakeholders and Situations of Radicalisation” of the D.Rad project. It focuses on the major violent events that can be considered as milestones for the trends of radicalisation and de-radicalisation; analyzes how the political elite and the public opinion perceive radicalisation and violent threats; and maps out the agents and channels of radicalisation and de-radicalisation.

The report identifies the tendency to downplay the right-wing radicalisation and increasing state-led radicalisation as the most important challenges for correctly assessing the dynamics of radicalisation and developing programmes for de-radicalisation.