“Complicating the Narrative: A Documentary”

“Complicating the Narrative” is a documentary that delves into the transformative power of art within the context of the D.Rad project, a multi-national de-radicalisation initiative collecting data from 16 countries. The documentary explores the exhibition of the same name, which uses art to interpret and express the complex findings of the project, aiming to break the boundaries of typical scientific research. 

“Complicating the Narrative” exhibition seeks to dismantle the “us versus them” binary narrative, employing art as a tool to both challenge this viewpoint and emphasize our shared experiences.

The documentary follows two main aims. Firstly, it showcases the artworks crafted by artists for the D.Rad exhibition, which confront the aforementioned binary narrative. Furthermore, the documentary adopts a contemplative approach, striving to comprehend the potential of the synergy between researchers and artists.

In doing so, the documentary reflects on the collaborative potential and the complementary facets of art and research. Artists stress how art has the power to be transformative, to help us reflect and learn, make us question, and reshape common stories. It allows us to see the world through a different lens. Furthermore, artists point out that art can wake up the public, shock them, and have a real impact, pulling people out of their everyday life. 

Prof. Dr. Umut Korkut, the project coordinator and dr. Maggie Laidlaw, the curator, illuminate art’s unparalleled potential to act as a conduit between intricate research findings and a wider public. They further emphasize that by merging art with research, complex insights can be conveyed with heightened efficacy, engendering a profound connection with varied audiences, both at an intellectual and emotional level.

The documentary was produced by APIS Institute.