D8.1 Country Report | September 2023

Authors: Dr Maggie Laidlaw and Dr Doga Atalay – Glasgow Caledonian University

This report outlines the main insights from United Kingdom, focusing on the key themes of collaborative arts and sports media as avenues to challenge ideas of othering and difference in communities. It explores how creative arts and sports organisations across the UK can contribute to dialogue, collaboration, and everyday practices that create a framework around reconciling the grievances that can lead to radicalisation. The report demonstrates the potential for partnerships that bring people from very different backgrounds together to make better and more resilient collective futures.

To begin, the report will draw insight from research literature around Arts/sports & social inclusions – but also referencing the impact of arts /sports in developing resilience (to anti-social behaviours/violence/extremism).

Next, we will provide a review and analysis of 2 creative arts / sports organisations across the United Kingdom as avenues to challenge ideas of othering and difference in communities. One review provides a case study report of one of these creative arts/sports organization, while the other gives an overview of the other.

The report will finally Identify 5-10 arts /sports programmes in the United Kingdom that are specifically designed to challenge aspects of social isolation, unsociable behaviour/ resilience, community cohesion. This will appear as Appendix 1.