D8.1 Country Report | September 2023

Author: Hana Alhadi – Zavod APIS / APIS Institute

This national report presents research conducted in Slovenia on how arts and sports can contribute to social inclusion. The research examines how activities, organised in two artistic fields – Street Theatre during international youth exchanges, and Creative Dance and Movement within the Cycle of Creative Dance and Movement Workshops, foster resilience among youth residing in the region of its capital, Ljubljana.

Data were collected through participant observation during Street Theatre and Creative Dance Movement activities, in non-formal conversations, during two Art interventions that included public performances and performances in front of other participants, and in four focus groups. The results indicated that through these artistic activities, participants increased their resilience by raising their self-confidence, enhancing self-acceptance, developing their self-expression, building trust with other participants, and experiencing support and collaborative strength within the group. Participation in these activities equipped them with practical and experiential skills and tools not only to foster a stronger sense of belonging but also to promote it in everyday life, leading to an equal and inclusive local community.