D8.1 Country Report | October 2023

Author: Stevan Tatalovic, CFCCS

The purpose of this report is to explore the impact of deradicalization programs in Serbia and beyond throughout analysis of the self-evaluation and evaluation of the program participants. ‘Boys’ Day’ (BD), a weekly program which was run by Info Park NGO in Belgrade, Serbia, is designed for unaccompanied refugee and asylum-seeking boys in the country, teenagers, and young adults. The report shall focus on the impact of BD, particularly in terms of relationship building, its fostering of peaceful co-existence between groups and its equipping of participants to manage difficulties faced in their lives as migrants and refugees. Hence, the paper aims to address the following questions: What impact does Boys Day have on relationship building between participants and within the local community? In what ways does Boys Day encourage and facilitate a peaceful co-existence of different communities, between whom may have previously existed conflict or hostility? To what extent do the topics covered, and skills learnt during Boys Day events allow participants to address challenges they face during life on the move? How the participants of the program comment of the I-GAP spectrum and what are the choices they are making?