D5.2 Country Report | March 2023 

Author: Gregor Bulc – Apis Institute 

The purpose of this report is to investigate anti-gender and pro-gender actors and discourses in Slovenia, in particular the opposition to the so-called gender ideology and celebrations of gender diversity. Drawing on research on sexuality, gender, and radicalization, the report employs existing local discursive analysis, as well as original discursive analysis, of governmental and non-governmental actors, including anti- and pro-LGBTQ+ NGOs, far-right groups, and grassroots activist collectives. In terms of theory, the report is based on Gramscian concepts of hegemony and counter hegemony. Since gender ideology is considered a (cultural) Marxist invention in Slovenia, the report focuses on the agents of radicalisation that propel this hegemonic conspiratorial discourse. However, to examine the power of counter-narratives it also analyses media presence and discourses of various non-heteronormative activist NGO’s and initiatives, as well as ordinary citizen collectives engaging in innovative discursive criticism. In the concluding discussion, the report addresses the question of how established anti-gender patterns are also present in discourses of progressive civil society actors, not only outside the LGBTQ+ movement but also within it.