D4.1 Country Report |  December 2021 


Authors: Hasret Dikici Bilgin, Nazlı Özekici – Istanbul Bilgi University 

The Turkish report focuses on the legal and institutional framework with respect to radicalization in Turkey. The desk research and expert interviews highlight that the constitutional organization of the state with respect to fundamental rights and values, the relevant legislative and institutional framework and deradicalization policies carry the legacy of historical ethnic and religious conflicts and sensitivities and a limited approach to minorities. The institutional and policy framework reflects the approach in the legal framework in that policies ignore the ethnic and religious diversity, downplay the crimes against minorities with a security approach on radicalization and deradicalization and protect the dominant groups rather than minorities and dissidents. There is also a lack of focused and comprehensive de-radicalization framework. Existing projects mostly focus on prison programs and they suffer from low participation rate.