Evidence from 5 National Settings across | December 2023

Authors: Dr Maggie Laidlaw & Dr. Doga Atalay – Glasgow Caledonian University

This report outlines the main findings from WP8 – Arts and Sports as a resolution media. Focusing on the key themes of collaborative arts and sports activity as avenues to challenge ideas of othering and difference in communities. It documents how creative arts and sports engagement, of varying natures, across the five country settings (2 EU members and 3 partner states), contribute to dialogue, collaboration, and everyday practices that create a framework around reconciling the grievances that can lead to radicalisation. WP8 considers spaces that arts and sports activities provide as non- political environments where people can focus on the everyday activities only. We value such environments as they tend to ease the political tension between people otherwise and give them a space to face common challenges together. The findings demonstrate the potential for sports and arts related opportunities to bring people from very different backgrounds together to make them learn about, and from each other make better and more resilient collective futures to face common challenges.