D.Rad Lecture Series with Dr. Aurélien Mondon

D.Rad Lecture Series with Dr. Aurélien Mondon

“The populist hype, the people and the mainstreaming of the far right” with Dr. Aurélien Mondon

Dr. Aurelien Mondon is a Senior Lecturer in politics at the University of Bath. His research focuses predominantly on the impact of racism and populism on liberal democracies and the mainstreaming of far right politics through elite discourse. His first book, The Mainstreaming of the Extreme Right in France and Australia: A Populist Hegemony?, was published in 2013 and he recently co-edited After Charlie Hebdo: Terror, racism and free speech published with Zed.

His new book Reactionary democracy: How racism and the populist far right became mainstream, co-written with Aaron Winter, is now out with Verso.

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