November 13-14, University of Florence

Dr. Susan Beth Rottmann, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Ozyegin University, gave talks about radicalization and gender in migration studies at the University of Florence on November 13 th and 14 th . She focused on how legal status – especially irregularity – affects migrants differently depending on gender. She also explored what is known about radicalization of migrants and members of host societies and how the potential to become violent or extremist is linked to gender. Finally, Rottmann introduced the concept of vulnerability as a potential legal and policy solution to gender issues, but she also noted that there can be negative and unintended effects with using vulnerability as a category in migration programmes. After her talks, Rottmann and Prof. Dr. Veronica Federico led Masters students through a world café exercise in which they could reflect on the topics introduced and suggest their own solutions to persistent problems in the study of gender, radicalization and migration.