Deradicalisation, Conflict and the Value of Social Inclusion

The Horizon 2020 funded D.Rad: De-radicalisation in Europe and Beyond project is to hold its closing conference in Berlin in March 2024

DATES: 21-23 MARCH 2024

VENUE: Freie Universität Berlin, Garystr. 55, 14195 Berlin

Anyone wishing to join the conference as an external should email Dr Mihai Varga –

We expect abstracts of ca. 200 words until the 19th of January 2024!


Our project traces the course of moving from a de-radicalised to a radicalised position for individuals through studying their micro-meso-macro factors that generate feelings of Injustice, Grievance, Alienation and finally Polarisation in societies. We call this I-GAP spectrum. To prevent the evolution of such factors and their progression to radicalisation, we promote a social-inclusion informed de-radicalisation strategy resting on arts and sports, public spaces and processes, and civic education. Originating from the D.Rad approach, this conference calls for papers from other colleagues interested in studying 

  1. Intersection between societal processes and radicalisation stages,
  2. Interdependence of radicalisation involving groups, individuals and societies,
  3. Effectiveness of legal frameworks and the role of state as a possible actor of radicalisation,
  4. Engage citizens in weaving the social fabric of communities tightly through sporting and cultural strategies,
  5. Spatial dimension and public spaces and processes to understand the social glue of inclusion or precursors of exclusion,
  6. Participatory-methods-oriented civic education as a preventive measure of exclusion and a way to generate inclusion. 

Overall, this conference calls for papers to respond to two general questions: 

  1. How to recognise the micro-meso-macro factors that would make a deradicalised person radicalised? 
  2. How to build socially inclusive societies, spaces, and education systems that would move radicalised individuals to deradicalised positions?