D8.3 Country Report | December 2023

Author: Dr Maggie Laidlaw, Glasgow Caledonian University

New technologies make it increasingly possible for marginalised views to be expressed and shared online and have the potential to span temporal and geographic boundaries that are available to audiences to access from the comfort of their own homes (if one has access to an internet server and technology to act as a vehicle). Likewise, digital, and visual initiatives which showcase the creativity, diversity and community-connectivity of research can envision radically different relationships to their audiences. This report will offer comment on the process of creating our interactive map, and what we can learn and take-away from dissemination techniques of this fashion. The D.Rad interactive map is an innovative and interactive web application that offers a comprehensive and visually appealing roadmap of research findings using data from across 16 countries. It has been created for individuals seeking to explore and understand the world of radical ideologies and deradicalising interventions, including spatial aspects of deradicalisation and social inclusion related arts & sports activities. This transformation of data through a visual lens creates a greater level of inclusivity across target audiences to maximize impact during the lifetime of the project and beyond. For the D.Rad project, these interactive visualisations illustrate trends in radicalisation and best practices with respect to human rights and deradicalisation.

D8.3 presents a digital visualisation showcasing arts and sports activity-led social inclusion programs in five D.Rad countries: Israel, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, and the UK.