Toolkit 7.3 | April 2024

Authors: Mihai Varga, Volodymyr Ishchenko, Ignacio Sar Chávez –  Freie Universitat Berlin

Tarik Basbugoglu – Glasgow Caledonian University

Nelli Ferenczi, Nachita Rosun – Brunel University London

This toolkit uses a holistic approach to investigate the concepts of extremism and radicalisation, and to examine the barriers to social cohesion, particularly in the context of digital spaces. To this end, we interviewed 30 young people across 15 countries in our consortium and 13 practitioners engaged in deradicalisation work in Germany, France, Israel, and the UK. The aim of the interviews with young people was threefold. First, we sought to investigate experiences of marginalisation, perceived injustices, and social identity as contributing to radicalisation. We also explored how young people make sense of these mundane interactions. Third, we explored lay-beliefs in youth around radicalisation, extremism, and political violence.