Iraqi, independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization, consists of a number of members and human rights activists who believe the human is the highest value which must be respected. They all volunteered to defend the rights and dignity of the Iraqi human regardless of his religion, sect, nationalism, sex, origin, ideas or political affiliation. Our organization was named Hammurabi because this name holds a number of meanings and Iraqi historical, humanitarian and civilized indications, while the law of the Babylonian monarch Hammurabi, which was issued in his thirtieth year of rule which lasted from 1792 to 1750 BC, is considered one of the most famous legal texts – written and historical – which took interest in regulating the society’s life by imposing justice and preserving people’s rights with a law that was accepted during that era, until this day, that law continues to be the foundation of the idea of law in the world, that’s for its great interest in prioritizing human rights which took place after reuniting Mesopotamia in one state .. in the preface of the law we can witness his commitment to the happiness of the Mesopotamian Babylonian society, its prosperity and the rule of law and order which preserves rights, freedoms and security for individuals.

William Khamo Warda – MA in International Studies from the University of Baghdad, and BA in Political Science, also from the University of Baghdad. He studied Civil Engineering at the University of Mosul in 1981–1988. He will be the Principal Investigator of the Iraqi team and the manager/contact person of RESPOND for participant no. 14. He is a Co-founder of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and was its president from 2007 until 2013. Currently he is HHRO’s public relations officer. Furthermore, he is the Chairman of the board of the Alliance of Iraqi Minorities (AIM), and the Vice-president of the Iraqi forum network for Iraqi human rights organizations. He has done many different studies, such as “International Protection for Minorities, the condition of the international protection for Iraqi Christians”; “The political and civil rights of ChaldoAssyrian people in Iraq 2010” (College of political science, Baghdad University); “The Assyrian in Iraq” (Iraqi studies Magazine); “The situation of Iraqi refugees in Syria”. He earned numerous awards, of which the most important was “Defender of human rights prize for the year of 2012”, offered by US State Department, as he was the president of Hammurabi organization (proclaimed the best organization for defending human rights and vulnerable groups). Also an international price in media, from the council of the Italian city of Siena in cooperation with the Italian international institution of media security and freedom, 2006. He received numerous appreciation messages for his human rights, media and humanitarian efforts from a number of media, humanitarian and educational institutions.