This work package explores how creative arts and sports can contribute to dialogue, collaboration, and everyday practices that create a framework around reconciling the grievances that lead to radicalisation. It aims to demonstrate the potential for partnerships that bring people from very different backgrounds together to make better and more resilient collective futures.

The work package will implement collaborative initiatives that have a well-documented history of enhancing life skills such as interpersonal communication, resilience, and conflict management skills. The central tenants here are inter-subjectivity, being-together, and collective understanding. Creating stories together through arts and sports opens up space for re-considering perspectives, and foregrounds the importance of being together in shared spaces, to help us to think differently, and to find better ways of working together to identify, investigate and solve our common problems.

Taken together, the artistic and sports elements of this work package recognise our differences, and commonalities, and endeavours to mobilise these in ways that can lead to deeper understandings of our very complex communities.