This work package aims to map key meso-level stakeholders and identify situations of radicalisation. This provides a foundation for situational analysis among all the partners of the D.Rad project, elaborating the links between individuals at the micro-level across the I-GAP (injustice-grievance-alienation-polarisation) spectrum, and meso-levels of radicalisation.

The Work Package consists of the following steps. (1) It first identifies the meso-level stakeholders who are involved in processes of (de)radicalisation both synchronically and historically. (2) Second, it establishes the temporal scales of specific events of radicalisation and a vulnerability index both historically and in the present. (3) It categorises specific types of radicalised violence, identifying when they appear and how they arise and dissipate, in order to avoid generalities and amalgamations across groups and individuals. It offers definitions of who is vulnerable, deradicalised, and also the groups who face “othering”. (4) Radicalisation takes place at all levels, from isolated individuals (micro) to specific groups (meso) to entire nations (macro). It is a key object of our analysis to determine the relationship between these scales of radicalisation and the temporal and spatial processes that encourage and discourage them. (5) A key tool in raising awareness and in responding to areas of potential radicalisation is imagery.  We will construct a visual repository of radicalisation and deradicalisation.