This work package aims to prevent youth radicalisation through civic education and to identify new pedagogical methods and interactive, participatory tools for building pro-social resilience to radical ideologies. WP10 will foster social cohesion, democratic literacy, active citizenship and a shared sense of belonging to counteract tendencies of grievance, alienation and polarisation through the development of a toolkit of playful didactic activities for community organizations, youth centres, social/educational workers and interested citizens.

Specific regional activities will be organised following a creative and participatory bottom-up approach and providing means for dialogue and a critical reflection of perceptions and experiences of community leaders, social workers and youth in the countries involved. These interactive, hands-on events comprise activities such as therapeutic theatre, humoristic applied methodology for meta-conflict mediation, role-plays, biographic workshops, board games, storytelling and video-making. Based on a comprehensive understanding of the four most salient aspects of civic education (namely values, virtues, identity and civic knowledge) WP10 will eventually aim at reducing prejudices, conflicts and promoting empathy, pro-social resilience strategies, democratic literacy, active citizenship and a shared sense of belonging.